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We know it’s true that something you don’t necessarily want to hear is that you or someone in your family needs dental surgery in Belle Fourche. We’re here to change your perspective — from negative to positive.

Most patients are familiar with the most common dental surgery solutions — wisdom teeth extraction. However, there’s so much more to dental surgery that can improve your oral health and overall quality of life. We’ll only recommend dental surgery as part of your comprehensive treatment plan if absolutely necessary. Know that you’ll have us by your side every step of the way.

Dental Surgery in Belle Fourche

You should never have to worry about dental surgery in Belle Fourche. Know that no matter what type of procedure or treatments you need, your safety and comfort are a top priority. With years of experience and exceptional expertise on your side, your smile can only get better, and we hope to say the same for your confidence.

Dental Surgery Procedures

An extraction is simply removing a problematic tooth that’s badly damaged by decay, causing you pain and is not able to be restored. Today’s advanced tools and technology make dental extractions much less invasive and easy to complete. Dental extractions are one of the most common dental surgery procedures.

Oftentimes, if you need dental surgery in Belle Fourche, you’ll hear bone grafting and dental implants used simultaneously. Bone grafting is generally used when you don’t have enough healthy natural bone to support the implant. The surgical procedure is used to repair bones through the grafting of bone to an extraction site.

A sinus augmentation is also sometimes called a sinus lift. If you need this type of dental surgery in Belle Fourche, it’s because we need to add bone height to your upper jaw. It’s a game-changer for patients in need of a dental implant but don’t have quite enough bone height to support it naturally.

Like other dental surgery solutions in Belle Fourche, ridge augmentation is helpful if you’re going to have a dental implant placed. The procedure is very common and is often performed after you have a tooth extracted. You get the benefit of having us recreate the natural contours of your jaw bone that may have been lost.

Any conversation about dental surgery might bring up the subject of wisdom teeth removal. It’s a necessary treatment for patients, especially young adults, who have impacted wisdom teeth that are causing pain and could lead to more extensive dental issues later in life.