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Jackson Dental in Belle Fourche, SD

Belle Fourche Functional Dentistry Focusing on the Whole You

Complete Wellbeing from Tooth to Toe

What if we told you it’s 100 percent true that what you do with your teeth and periodontal (gum) health or how you approach dental care is deeply connected to the rest of your body?

Once patients can make this vital connection, it becomes more important than ever to find reliable, dependable, functional dentistry, locally, in Belle Fourche. You deserve an entire team on your side, dedicated to digging deeper and finding the root causes of your dental problems instead of drilling, filling, and sending you out the door. We repair and restore your oral health by looking at the big picture of overall wellbeing.

A Proactive Approach to Oral Health and Wellness

Restorative Dental Services

Do you have a smile you hide most of the time because a tooth is missing? Are your teeth chipping, cracking, and breaking as the years go by? You can have a healthy smile and a more fulfilling life, thanks to functional dentistry in Belle Fourche, courtesy of the caring team at Jackson Dental. We look at your oral health and determine why your smile fails in specific ways and how it impacts your overall health. Using solutions such as crowns, veneers, dentures, dental implants, root canals, fillings, orthodontics, myofunctional therapy, occlusal analysis, and smile whitening, we can create a custom plan of action just for you.

Occlusal Records

We can also enhance your smile and your wellbeing by using a functional bite analysis to provide predictable dentistry. Occlusal records are an analysis of how your bite is working, and, more importantly, whether it could be causing you pain and discomfort elsewhere in your body that you never thought were related. Due to so many breakthroughs and advancements in dentistry over the years, we now have even more comfortable, effective ways to help you heal — including splint therapy, functional orthotics, and full mouth rehabilitation. There’s no better time than now to learn more.