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Orthodontics for Children

It is important to start with a healthy bite in childhood. That’s why we keep an eye on how your child’s mouth is developing. Our dentists are trained to spot subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth, even while some baby teeth are present.

You see, earlier discovery means earlier treatment, making it possible to treat malocclusion, the misalignment or incorrect relation between the teeth of the two dental arches when they approach each other as the jaws close, before bones have stopped growing. And that means easier treatment and better, longer-lasting results. Our traditional stainless steel braces are the best choice for youngsters.

For kids who have clear indicators that they need orthodontic intervention, early treatment lets us:

● Guide jaw growth
● Minimize the risk of damage to front teeth
● Correct harmful oral habits
● Improve appearance and self-esteem
● Guide permanent teeth into a more favorable position
● Improve the way lips meet
● Correct speech impediments

If your child sucks her thumb, or if he has not had an orthodontic evaluation, don’t wait! Call us to schedule a consultation today!