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Periodontal Therapy

You notice a little bleeding when you floss. Your gums feel puffy. Maybe your teeth feel a little extra sensitive or loose. Then again, you might not have any noticeable symptoms at all! It’s gum disease, and it can strike anyone, anytime. Keeping up with your regular hygiene visits is an excellent way to prevent it, but once in awhile, periodontal infection creeps up on you and puts your mouth – and your body at risk. That’s when our periodontal therapy comes to the rescue. We can bring your smile back to health using laser therapy both to clean and disinfect your teeth and your gum sockets. Our soft tissue management program has helped hundreds of patients regain their health and protect their bodies from the damaging effects of gum disease. We also use OralDNA testing to discover your risk for gum disease. We rely on the LANAP™ soft tissue laser for efficient, effective treatment and socket disinfection that doesn’t use sutures or cutting associated with traditional periodontal therapy. The LANAP soft tissue laser is the only FDA approved soft tissue laser for certified dentists. Don’t wait until your gums bleed to ask about the dangers of periodontal disease. Call us today and let us help you stay healthy and strong.