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Implant Dentistry in Belle Fourche

A Permanent Alternative to Missing Teeth

Are you missing teeth? Whether you have lost one tooth or all of them, you know what an ordeal it can be. Eating is less pleasurable, smiling can feel a little embarrassing, and even speaking can be less than awesome.

It’s time to get back to life with dental implants from Jackson Dental!

The exciting thing about dental implants is that they behave almost exactly like your own teeth. In other words, they actually behave. No slipping, no pinching, no soaking, no adhesives. Just a beautiful, stable, functional smile.

What Are Dental Implants?

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Here comes the technical part and it is actually pretty exciting! Dental implants consist of lightweight titanium posts with custom-fitted crowns attached later to complete the process. Using advanced cone beam technology, we precision place the biocompatible posts directly into the jawbone where they take the place of your natural roots. As they heal in place, those implanted posts fuse with the bone. That means the posts are stable, and the bone stays healthy and stimulated. It’s a symbiotic relationship! The posts are then used to attach single crowns, bridges, or even a full denture, securely and comfortably.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Bottom Denture

It doesn’t matter how many teeth you are missing, you don’t have to settle for traditional dentures.

If you have been told you have too much bone loss to qualify for implants, give us a call. We can often use bone preservation and restoration techniques such as socket preservation, sinus augmentation, or ridge augmentation to get you ready to receive implant posts.

Once your bone is restored, we can place posts to securely hold an innovative kind of overdenture – the implant-retained denture.

These dentures do not require sticky, goopy adhesives to hold them in place. And they will not interfere in any way with enjoying your food, laughing out loud, or smiling with total freedom! How can that be?

Implant-retained dentures are specially designed to work in conjunction with dental implant posts so they are secure and stable all day and night. Because they do not rest on your gums or slip out of place, speaking feels and sounds more natural. Since they don’t cover the roof of your mouth, food tastes and textures can be naturally enjoyed. And since every one of our dentures is designed to look amazing and balance your individual face and bite, you will never worry about hiding your smile again.