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Belle Fourche’s Answer for Orofacial Pain

Let’s Put Facial Pain in its Place

As your Belle Fourche dental team, our heart goes out to patients who struggle with orofacial pain and simply mask it with medication instead of getting the help they deserve.

Orofacial pain generally means you’re experiencing unpleasant feelings in the muscles, bones, or joints that make up both your face and mouth. Do you experience frequent headaches? How about uncomfortable jaw pain when you’re eating or speaking? Does your jaw sometimes click or even lock up? All of these issues are reasons you should talk to us. Using advanced comprehensive evaluation techniques and extensive training, we can find a personalized solution for a pain-free life.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosing your orofacial pain is something your Belle Fourche dentist is adamant and passionate about. You don’t deserve to live life in constant pain and discomfort. To learn more about your personal needs and treatment options, it’s essential that you schedule a visit with us. We have the proper tools and training to help you get diagnosed correctly to feel better quickly.

For more information, please refer to our page on Occlusal Records.

Types of Orofacial Pain

The joint clicking, popping and pain are not normal in your jaw. When pain is involved, pain is involved, it means your TMJ isn’t functioning correctly, and you may have TMD or musculoskeletal overactivation. There’s a relief for you in the form of orofacial pain assessment and further intra-disciplinary care. A strong diagnosis is needed to treat any pain problem.

This nerve disorder of the face can be very painful, and we’re determined to help patients find relief. Symptoms might vary from person to person, but there’s generally a sharp, searing facial pain that’s debilitating to your lower face or jaw and even the areas surrounding your nose, ears, eyes, or lips. It negatively affects the trigeminal nerve, one of your head’s most wide-reaching nerves. Talk to us to learn more about treatment options.