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How Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Help You Live a Better Life

Take Back Your Right to a Good Night’s Sleep in Belle Fourche

Be honest: do you get enough sleep? How about your bed partner? Are they able to sleep soundly without interruption? Everyone deserves to enjoy more restful nights, free from the consequences of lack of rest that negatively can affect your:

  • Judgment
  • Mood
  • Ability to listen or retain information
  • Risk of severe accident or injury
  • Health

If you’re struggling to sleep soundly in Belle Fourche, we invite you to speak to us about a potentially dangerous disease called sleep apnea or other obstructive sleep disorders. Millions of Americans are diagnosed every year, finally helping them find relief from snoring and sleep problems.

Diagnosis and Treatment

We work with your sleep physician to formulate a care plan specifically for you. There are options for you that are more comfortable, more reliable than ever.

Treatment Options :

  • CPAP – The medical first line of treatment.
  • Snore Appliances – Stop snoring for good, improved sleep, and health.
  • Sleep Appliance – Keep your airway open with a custom sleep appliance.

Other Treatment Options to potentially fix the anatomical problem:

  • MARPE – The non-surgical, extraction-free treatment to expand your upper jaw.
  • Orthodontics – An open airway and oral cavity for more restful sleep? It’s possible!

When you address your sleep apnea in Belle Fourche or other disturbances, you’re going to notice the many benefits that are a direct result of successful treatment. Most patients tell us one of the first things they noticed is that they feel more refreshed and less tired. What’s better is that you’re also significantly lowering your risk of developing dangerous heart disease, a debilitating stroke, or even some type of cancer.

Issues with Sleeping

Also known as Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome, UARS will affect how you sleep because your airway can become constricted, causing interruptions to how well you’re able to breathe and get the rest your body needs. Unlike sleep apnea sufferers, patients with UARS wake up when they’re about to stop breathing. Have you ever been jolted awake during sleep, or you feel tired and exhausted throughout the day? Treatment for UARS could be your solution for improvement.

Most commonly known as obstructive sleep apnea. We meet patients all the time at our Belle Fourche dental office who’ve gone years, pushing through days with prescription medications for sleep/anxiety and never getting the right sleep diagnosis. Once you’re able to identify sleep apnea, your entire life can change for the better, starting with stopping snoring. There are options. You can feel better!